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Original Free Image Usage Regulations
Lindricks is a pseudonym for the identity of the owner of LindricksBaseline.com. She has created all the original imagery that can be freely used by non-commercial sites in exchange for a link directed back to this Web site from yours. We have provided an advertising banner for you to use as a link, or you may use a text based link.

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Keeping the ever changing internet connected and safe is a challenge. LindricksBaseline.com would appreciate your assistance in maintaining that issue. Feel free to contact us about any broken links, and any content you may find questionable. Please note, however, this Web site is about Creative Expression Of The Mind Through All Art Forms, and we reserve the right to present figurative art, music lyrics, literary works, innovative crafts, and drama that some people may find offensive. LindricksBaseline.com will review every complaint, and if the art or artist presented does not meet the intellectual and constructive properties appropriate for the art forms approved by this Web site then we will correct the problem in a timely manner without contacting you. The staff at LindricksBaseline.com will be the final authority in determining the relevance of the art content in question. By alerting us of any questionable material presented is appreciated, but it does not obligate LindricksBaseline.com to make any changes in the questionable material brought to our attention, nor does it imply that we will respond to your complaint.


Correspondence Guidelines

General Correspondence
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If your correspondence happens to be of a Q&A nature we will answer them on the Q&A page, which is forth coming. If you wanted to know the information then others may want to know it as well. To have your Q&A submission answered on this Web site please provide a general were abouts of your location (City and Country) to identify the question on the Web site. No names will appear on the Web site for safety reasons for our viewers. You may submit a pseudonym/alias to be posted with your question, but inform use of your wishes. The classification of pseudonym/alias will appear following the name provided.

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To clarify the obscenity clause, man has depicted figure drawing/figure painting in art for centuries with a sense of beauty radiating from the form. An understanding in lay persons terms of what figure drawing/figure painting means is that the human figure in depicted through an application process of drawing and painting the nude figure to create art.

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