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Mission Statement

This is a United States based Web site established to provide a complete internet connection of internal and external resources to explore all art forms of creativity. The mission of this Web site is designed as an outreach to promote the general welfare of others, and it seeks to provide you with resolve through the imaginative recourse of the mind.

Its' origin was developed May 18, 2002 by Lindricks/pseudonym (the owner of LindricksBaseline.com), located in the mid-west, and it evolved to a .com status on April 9, 2003. Her primary goal for this Web site is to reach out to others, and share her own experiences and talents with the world to provide others with insight into their own creativity. Creativity is inbred in everyone. Some are able to display their creativity better than others, but the fact remains that the ability lies hidden in all of us. If this Web site does nothing other than evoke in you a desire to pursue your own journey in exploring your hidden creativity then it has done its' job.

The first and for most important thing to remember. Enjoy yourself! Without happiness and joy the world would be a dim and gloomy place. And I don't consider a dim and gloomy place the idea of a good time.

This Web site can be considered a living and breathing force in the atmosphere of reality, therefore, the site will continue to grow with innovative ideas. It is hoped that you/the viewer will embrace the attributes of this Web site, and make a point to visit it on a regular bases to share in the phenomenal elements of creativity.

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