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Lindricks Insight

Welcome to LindricksBaseline. In its' humble beginnings this web site were established May 18, 2002, and evolved to a dot com status April 9, 2003. It is designed as an outreach to promote the general welfare of others: and it seeks to provide you with resolve through the imaginative recourse of the mind.

When abstract and linear thought are conjunctionally fostered through the creative process, it molds and shapes the inner cerebrum of the mind - giving birth to the whole man. The only limits are those imposed by self.

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A personal campaign by Linda Brennaman to preserve American freedom.

America's First Write-In Presidential Campaign
(An alternative to right and left winged politics.)

Campaign Items

I hold the copyright to these images. They were designed to be freely used by anyone that wants to help me with the promotion of my Trump For President/America's First Write-In Presidential Campaign. Any other use of these images are prohibited, and could result in negative consequences.

It is important to note that Donald Trump is NOT a Presidential Candidate for the November 2004 election. My goal is to get the American public to join in solidarity to call him to serve as president, and get him to run as America's First Write-In President in the November 2004 election.

Trump Logo T-shirt Design
Trump Logo
T-shirt Design © 2002 – 2004
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Presidents Grouping Trump Logo T-shirt Design
Presidents Grouping
T-shirt Design © 2002 – 2004
6.111" x 9.542"

Halloween Trump Logo Design
Halloween Trump Logo
T-shirt Design © 2002 – 2004
7.736" x 10.014"

Trump Logo Hat Design
Trump Logo
Hat Design © 2002 – 2004
4 Small Images

Trump For President Banner Design
Trump For President
Banner Design © 2002 – 2004
9.681" x 7.569"

Trump For President Business Card Design
Trump For President
Business Card © 2004
8 on a sheet

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