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Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for

The Degree Doctor of Philosophy in the Graduate

School of The Ohio State University

By Daniel Christopher Sarefield, M.A.

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Election Experience: November 6, 2012

Election Experience

November 6, 2012: Posted @ 6:30 PM Central Time Zone

 I, Linda Darlene (Behl) Brennaman, arrived at the General Presidential Election polling location assign to my address, which was located at Waldo Branch Library (8), 201 E. 75th St. Small Meeting Room for the 09 Ward, and 05 Precinct, at about 10:45 a.m. The line was long; it extended outside the room into the lobby of the library.

When I got at the end of the line an election officer came out of the room and announced that people’s name beginning with A to ? (I do not recall the ending alphabet letter), form a line here. My last name fell within that category, so I was immediately redirected to a different line which placed me second to being served.

Once serviced the election officer was not able to find my name in the registration list, another election officer rechecked the list then the two females concluded that I must be in the wrong precinct. They informed me that the library hosted two election precincts, at this location, and that my name may be listed at the other precinct site.

I was immediately directed to the adjacent room where there was no one in either of the two lines at the registration desk. The election offices took my drivers license to verify my identity, and locate my name. As she was searching through the list of names I spotted my name before she did, so I pointed it out to her. She politely handed my drivers license back to me. Then she had me initial and sign the voter registration book. Then she asked me if I wanted a paper ballot, or did I want to vote electronically. I responded that I preferred the paper ballot. I was given the paper ballot, and directed to a seated booth area to fill out the ballot.

The ballot was two-sided with a lot of issues to vote on. One was an Amendment to Gubernatorial Powers – of the Missouri Governor, two tax allocation propitiations and other issues besides the Presidential, Senate, and House of Representative’s race.

It was a challenge to focus on the clarity of vaguely written election proposals that could have a negative effect on Missouri voters because of the low level chatter environment. I had to reread them several times, and at one point I had to ask the election officers for help to make sure I understood one point on the gubernatorial issue.

My voting time took about thirty-minutes to way through all the issues on the ballot with confidences that I had made the best choice not only for Missouri, but for the nation as a Whole.

I boldly disclose who I voted for the presidential electors, and the senate race; and those names go as follows: I wrote Donald Trump’s and Clint Eastwood’s names in for the presidential electors, and my name, Linda Darlene (Behl) Brennaman, in for Senator of Missouri.

While I was filling out my ballot, one of my neighbors that lived in my building came to vote. He was promptly registered, and he requested a paper ballot. As he prepared to sit down to fill it out, he paused looking it over, and asked if he could write-in his name for president. There was too long, of a pause, coming from the election offices toward his question. He and I was the only voters at that particular precinct. The long pause coupled with the election officers looking at each other in dismay; I immediately responded: “Yes you can. You can vote for anybody you want. You can write your name in for president if that is what you want to do.” Immediately the senior election officer backed up what I said, and told the gentlemen: “Yes, you can write your name in for president.”

I knew this man. If you have been following this blog you will recall that I live in any elderly disabled apartment building, so I wasn’t going to give any latitude for this man vote to be influenced in any way.

We, as American citizens, have the right to vote for any one we choose; even if that person is ourselves. America, we are still a free nation, and I hope it remains that way. I have provided critical material on this blog to help American citizens know what is happening right under their noses, but in know way would I ever dictate who you choose to vote for. The information on this blog is to help you make an informed decision, on whom, you put into office.

As a disable citizen myself, I chose not to take this campaign to the residents in the building, (an elderly, disabled community), that I live in because disable people are easily influenced and I am not a person to take advantage of another human being. I will do everything in my power to see to it that each and every person’s rights are protected.

America, there is still some time left to vote, so get to the polls and cast your vote. Remember that you can vote for any one you choose to.

Other than the protective-momma action taken by me to insure, the gentleman in the building I live in – was given the assurance, he could vote for anybody he chose too vote for – my experience at the polls was uneventful, and it was a very pleasant experience.

America, get out and vote!!!

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Books to Politics

Welcome to Linda Darlene (Behl) Brennaman’s WordPress Blog. This is my first post. I don’t have a clue how to do a blog, so bare with me world while I share my messages, and learn at the same time.

This blog will share the thoughts and ideology that I feel strong about. I am an artist, writer, poet, graphic designer, and an overall renaissance woman. I am a mover and shaker, and my ideology is that there is a reason for everything that happens in life.

I hope that everything that is posted on my blog will educate, and inform the viewer to empower them with relevant data to arm them for worthwhile causes that are strong to my heart.

I am a Type I Diabetic (from childhood) with Heart Disease that fell prey to the Social Service System called Welfare, of no fault of my own, and I have an insiders view of how broken the Washington political arena is that governs America.

This blog was originally going to be the home of the publication of books, and how they are made, and it still is just that and more. There will be a page exclusively on that topic when I figure out how to create the page.

But, in light of the University of Missouri Press closure threat, I shifted gears slightly to address the root of such a heinous crime that undermines the very essence that helped shape the United States of America.

Printing Press History
This nation was established with the use of intelligible men using the printing press to get their message out to the people. It was used to rally the people to form a more perfect union of govern-ship.

Given this fact, publication is and was the strongest element in American history that made America who she is today. Small university presses are not printing presses per say but they are the academia structure of literary knowledge, and they should be revered and protected from tyrannical destruction because they are one of the corner stones that helped build the United States of America. For centuries books have been the venue that passes knowledge down from one generation to another, and “knowledge is the key to all understanding”. So, America, don’t repeat history with a modern day Roman Book Burning Tyranny. Anything that threatens the very fabric of the building structure of this nation is an act of treason against her government.

Charles Pinckney, who was one of the framers of the US Constitution, was a very intelligible man. Where do you think he got his intellectual knowledge from? You got it, BOOKS. His intellectual knowledge armed him to persuade the Confederation Congress to strengthen the weaknesses of the Articles of the Confederation, which spiraled into the establishment of creating a more perfect union. His efforts were only possible through the use of the printing press. He created a visual outline defining his idea about his cause and distributed massive, for the time, copies that went out to colonies therein a viral effect developed rallying the people to support his ideas. America! We would not be here today without books, and the printing press. The link provided below describes a snippet into how the United States of America became who she is today.

Review: Charles Pinckney and the U. S. Constitution

Small university presses are the means to an end for professors to publish valuable data and research discoveries, and they are also used to maintain the credential-ship in their perspective field of study. All the chatter in Washington about eliminating public education altogether should be a wake-up call America. Germany was a democratic nation before Hitler’s regimen take-over. Come on Washington, try to dumb down America. “Make my day!” Famous words my Clint Eastwood, who is my chose for America’s First Write-In Vice-President in November 2012’s election.

Trump/Eastwood, write-in ticket, America; sounds like a solid team to go into Washington and clean it up: the muscles, “Make My Day,” and the balls to say, “Your Fired.”

My final goal on publication is to have the salvaged remains of the University of Missouri Press relocated to Kansas City, Missouri near the University of Missouri’s most valuable research asset, Saint Luke’s Hospital which is home to the Mid-America Heart Institute that trains doctors from all over the world (UMKC’s fellowship program). The Mid-America Heart Institute is one of the American Heart Association’s 4 research facilities. This fact alone should have warranted placement of a university press placed at this campus location.

There was a public out cry to save the demise of the press, but it still doesn’t look like a permanent fix. There should be a Constitutional Amendment made to protect university presses from ever falling in the line of fire due to budget cuts. America, “knowledge is the key to all understanding.” Need I say more? If America fails to watch vigilantly over the simplest elemental structure that created this nation. Well, Benjamin Franklin summed it up best.

Benjamin Franklin’s Profound Words
On Liberty and Safety
“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little
temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
~ Benjamin Franklin ~

America’s First Write-In President and Vice-President Campaign 2012
Please note: Donald Trump and Clint Eastwood are not running for the presidential and vice-presidential offices of the United States of America. This campaign is to encourage them to file an application of intend with all 50 states to be a viable option for the American people to write their names on the ballet in the November 2012’s election for their names to count for those positions, if written in.

America! Learn more about how to make your vote count, this election, and tune-in to my blog. Look for the 2012 Campaign Page.

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